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Join Bennie as he grows up and goes up!

From learning to crawl to learning to climb, readers can come along with Bennie as he dreams about new ways to soar and reach for the stars. Authors Joy Eastridge and Brynn Welch are dedicated to introducing young readers to the beautiful, brightly colored world, brought to life by the art of illustrator Mary Ruth Pruitt. This book is appropriate for infants and toddlers, who will love the bold colors and exciting story, as well as for older children, who will enjoy discovering the occasional big word and hidden detail.

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Authors & Illustrator

Joy Eastridge, RN, works as a parish nurse in her local congregation. She enjoys writing Bible studies and is a regular contributor to a nursing website. She is passionate about working toward making the world a better place for children to grow up.

Dr. Brynn Welch teaches philosophy at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. A long-time lover of children's books, she is passionate about all children being able to see themselves in the ordinary and extraordinary worlds those pages contain. Bennie Goes Up! Up! Up! is her first children's book, inspired by her child's sweet smile and deep love of elevators.

Mary Ruth Pruitt is an educator and illustrator currently working in Memphis, Tennessee. Born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, she was brought up with a deep love of story-telling and developed a passion for bringing narratives to life through her art. She graduated from Emory & Henry College with a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art and English Literature in 2014. Three years later, Mary Ruth achieved her Master of Fine Arts in Illustration from Memphis College of Art. Bennie Goes Up! Up! Up! is her first children's book and represents a year of work and a lifetime of dreams.


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